About Us

There are many other coffee scrub manufacturers out there from Etsy shops to large corporations but none of them answered all of our concerns and needs when it came to an all natural and simple recipe. Competitors use all kinds of preservatives and Etsy shops...well you can't be sure where or how the products are manufactured. 

Our Coffee Scrub Works products contain absolutely no chemicals, no additives, fragrances, parabens, phthalates or any other unpronounceable things. Every bit of our products are vegan and never animal tested...they are human tested. Every formulation has been tested by our master chemist who just happens to suffer from severe psoriasis which they've had over half their life. So, if this stuff works on them...then it should do just great for anyone with normal to just dry skin. Those with dermatological issues like dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis can't get a miracle, there are no cures for those issues but they can get symptom relief.

Caffeine isn't recommended for use on children or pregnant women but we are working on a 'kid safe' scrub that can be used to help soften and sooth skin. We are working with our chemist to come up with something that while it won't cure the issue can help with soothing and fending off fungal infections that are common among those with skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. We hope to roll out this new product in the near future. 

All of our products are made in the USA but of course coffee and Dead Sea Salt are not natural to the continental United States. Our coffee is however fresh and a commercially available brand (you can buy in specialty grocers in fact) and is the exact same coffee we use in our office coffee maker too! So our products are very safe. Dead Sea Salt cannot be eaten but all of our other ingredients actually are food grade!